Meet Options Apostle Bob Krebs

Meet Bob Krebs, who I called “Options Apostle” in my book because he has a unique strategy that involves enhancing his long-only stock portfolio with options. He preaches this to other members of the site Bob sells puts and calls seeking to produce 1.5% to 3% in additional income each month. Krebs is an engineer from Orange County, CA who has enjoyed high returns from his portfolio. To learn more about Bob, his strategies and portfolio returns click

Meet Chris Rees – Vagabond Value

I hope you enjoy this video of WBND Chris Rees. Chris has had an average annual return of about 25% for the last decade. He is a concentrated deep value investor who only holds 10 stocks in his portfolio. His investing mantra, “don’t lose money” is similar to Warren Buffett’s. Chris likes to buy stocks selling at a fraction of their tangible book value. His life story, which I tell in my book, is fascinating. After a horrific childhood, he spent 30 years of his life as a hippie-vagabond traveling to over 30 countries, living week to week. He was a tailor in Afghanistan and an Ecotour operator in Belize. He once won a Cadillac in a poker game on an Indian reservation in California. It all contributed to a life education that helped shape him as an investor.

Meet John Navin – Bear Market Hero

Unlike most of the other great investors in my book, John Navin is a card carrying technical analyst and swing trader. I call him a Bear Market Hero in the book because one of his claims to fame is that charting helped him avoid the devastating Bear Market of 2008. Over the long term John has use Elliott Wave Theory and other technical methods to produce superior returns. John is a passionate investor who got his start learning value investing from The Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham. John is also an avid Black Jack player who once supplemented his income as a disc jockey in Las Vegas by counting cards at casinos. You can find out more on John, including his strategies, in my book, The Warren Buffetts Next Door Click

Meet Alan Hill

Here is a short video from Alan Hill, another Warren Buffett Next Door featured in my book. Alan is living a dream retirement in New Mexico because he is a smart dedicated investor. He is making more money now than he ever did during his career as an executive. Alan describes himself as a great “listener,” and as such his strategy involves listening to smart people he finds on various online message boards like His current strategy mixes safer high yielding investments with riskier Chinese micro-cap stocks. Alan is also a big believer in Roth IRA’s as the best place for investment portfolios and I detail how he fits this into his investment strategy in my book.

Meet Kai Petainen

In my book, The Warren Buffetts Next Door, I call Kai The Scorcerer’s Apprentice because he has managed to become a master investor working as the manager of a computer lab at a prestigious business school. Kai has no fancy degrees but rather he is a self-taught quant, who has developed his own winning stock screening formula incorporating the theories he has learned on the job. Like a magpie, Kai has cobbled his strategy together listening and learning from others. He has nine portfolios on, and as of March 31, 2010 every single one had long term performance records better than their relevant benchmark indexes. In this video he recently filmed near his home town of Sault Ste. Marie Kai explains his approach.

Meet Mike Koza

Civil engineer by day, Mike Koza is one of the greatest investors you’ve never heard of. He devotes most of his free time to researching stocks online. His hard work has paid off. Since February 2001 his stock portfolio has grown to over $3 million and he has logged an average annual return greater than 30% according to Click here to see my brief interview with Mike in front of the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas in May 2010.