Meet Chris Rees – Vagabond Value

I hope you enjoy this video of WBND Chris Rees. Chris has had an average annual return of about 25% for the last decade. He is a concentrated deep value investor who only holds 10 stocks in his portfolio. His investing mantra, “don’t lose money” is similar to Warren Buffett’s. Chris likes to buy stocks selling at a fraction of their tangible book value. His life story, which I tell in my book, is fascinating. After a horrific childhood, he spent 30 years of his life as a hippie-vagabond traveling to over 30 countries, living week to week. He was a tailor in Afghanistan and an Ecotour operator in Belize. He once won a Cadillac in a poker game on an Indian reservation in California. It all contributed to a life education that helped shape him as an investor.

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