About the Author

Matt Schifrin was born in Brooklyn New, York and grew up on Long Island. He studied economics at Cornell University. After a brief stint at Financial News Network (now CNBC), Matt was hired by Forbes as a reporter-researcher whose primary role was to check facts and report for senior journalists ranging from the late Ben Weberman to award-winning financial reporter Alan Sloan. He spent 15 years as an investigative reporter and editor at Forbes while the magazine was being edited by James W. Michaels. He has authored numerous cover and feature stories for Forbes (see below) and has been named a finalist for an American Society of Magazine Editors National Magazine Award.

In 1999 Matt created Forbes Best of the Web magazine and Web site and later went on to build Forbes Newsletter Group. Forbes publishes and distributes more than 40 investment newsletters. Matt is currently vice president and investing editor for Forbes Media, LLC.

Besides newsletters, Schifrin also oversees Forbes virtual event business, Forbes iConferences, as well as the Intelligent Investing section on Forbes.com. Schifrin is responsible for investing coverage on Forbes including its financial columnists, its Makers & Breakers section and several blogs including its Intelligent Investing blog. Schifrin has appeared numerous times on television and radio, and has spoken at numerous investment seminars. Matt Schifrin lives in Northern, New Jersey with his wife, two children, dog and cat. He enjoys playing guitar, digital photography, fishing and tennis. The Warren Buffetts Next Door is his first book.

You can get updates on the Warren Buffetts Next Door at http://blogs.forbes.com/schifrin

Below are some of my Forbes cover stories from years past: