Meet Options Apostle Bob Krebs

Great investors come in all shapes and sizes. Bob Krebs has proven that cleverly using options can turn a mundane portfolio into an alpha machine.

Meet Chris Rees – Vagabond Value

Meet Warren Buffett Next Door Chris Rees, former hippie vagabond who now has a decade-long average annual return of 25%.

Meet John Navin – Bear Market Hero

Some call technical analysis vodoo, but for Warren Buffett Next Door John Navin, charting produces superior results.

Meet Alan Hill

Meet Warren Buffett Next Door, Alan Hill who is living a dream retirement because of his focus on smart investing strategies.

Meet Kai Petainen

Warren Buffett Next Door Kai Petainen explains his winning quantitative investment approach.

Meet Mike Koza

Meet Mike Koza

Video interview with Warren Buffett Next Door Mike Koza in Las Vegas in May 2010.