What Experts Are Saying

“Matt Schifrin has written one of the most unusual–and useful–investment books you will ever find. Instead of trotting out some supposedly surefire formula on how to get rich, Matt has chronicled the successes of ten individuals you have never heard of.”
- Steve Forbes, Chairman and CEO Forbes Media

“Good investors are constantly trying to learn. Matt Schifrin has detailed the investment journey of a talented group of investors that we can all learn something from. Enoy the trip.”
- Joel Greenblatt, founder, Gotham Capital and NY Times best selling author of The Little Book that Beats the Market

“Matt Schifrin’s inspiring, easy reading, and eye-opening The Warren Buffetts Next Door shows that exceptional investors come from the wide ranks of normal life–just with intelligence, drive, focus, and commitment. They aren’t Wall Street trained and operate solely for themselves in wildly different ways and could be you–if you just learn what they have to teach–which Matt gives you.”
- Ken Fisher, Forbes columnist, New York Times bestselling author,
founder and CEO of Fisher Investments

“Matt Schifrin’s Warren Buffetts Next Door is living proof that the Internet has become a game-changer for many individual investors. It also should send a loud warning to established wall street firms.”
-OM Malik, founder, GigaOM

“I like the stories, I like the people, and I like the ‘how to,’ which cover many facets of the investment horizon. The Warrent Buffetts Next Door is a successful interplay of how individuals have combined a passion for investing into profitable investing.”
- Mario Gabelli, founder, Chairman and CEO,
Gamco Investors

“A first-class reporter, Matt Schifrin has cracked the code on a small group of do-it-yourself investors taking direct aima at Wall Street’s biggest brokers. Their unique styles may not be replicable, but the zeal with which they pursue their passion is.”
- Daniel P. Wiener, Editor,
The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors

How real people make real money from stocks. Forget the Wall Street hype, read this!”
- Clem Chambers, CEO ADVFN.com, Investorshub.com
Author of Armegeddon Trade and The Twain Maxim

“Matt Schifrin has written an informative book, demonstrating a few of the many paths to investing success. In investing, as in many of life’s endeavors, passion, hard work, and discipline can outweigh theory and education”
- Ron Muhlenkamp, Founder and President, Muhlenkamp and Co.
Author of Ron’s Road to Wealth